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“To survive a war, you gotta become war.”

First Blood introduced the American public to John Rambo, a decorated Vietnam War veteran forced to use the skills he acquired in the war to defend himself from a brutish small town police force.

The films popularity spawned several sequels, solidifying Rambo as one of the biggest action heroes of the decade.

Now, PCS Collectibles is proud to announce our Rambo 1:3 Scale mixed media statue.

“While there have been plenty of licensed products based on Rambo over the years, none have matched the quality and presence which PCS strives for in our collectibles” says PCS President Jerry Macaluso “ For this statue we’ve gathered some of the industry’s most talented sculptors and costumers to bring to life one of Rambo’s most iconic scenes”

Pulled from the iconic helicopter scene at the end of Rambo: First Blood Part 2, this hand sculpted figure stands atop an outcropping of rocks thrusting from beneath a rushing river, nocking an explosive tipped arrow into his compound bow

Featuring meticulously crafted clothing and accessories from the film and an incredibly life-like portrait sculpted by Macaluso himself, this statue stands almost 3 feet tall and is incredibly limited to 400 pieces, demanding to be the centerpiece of any Rambo fans collection.

As an additional bonus, all orders placed in the first 24 hours will receive a full size replica of Rambo’s ‘Buddha Necklace!’


Aprx Dimensions – 33″ (84cm) H x 21″ (53cm) W x 21″ (53cm) D

Sculpted by – Jack Mathews (body & bow), Jerry Macaluso (portrait), Hector Arce (base), Justin Mcmillan (hair)

Painted by – Nathan Eakins (figure) & Mike Najera (base)

Costume by – Sam Salman & Felicia Rose

Art Director – Jerry Macaluso